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Don’s Debate Dishonesty: A Week Before He Won the Republican Primary, Bolduc Said He Would Debate

Don Bolduc was caught being dishonest about his record – again!

This time, Bolduc was caught lying about how many debates he said he would do in the general election.

On August 30, a week before Bolduc won the Republican Senate nomination, he did an interview on the Steak for Breakfast podcast and said, “I would like to have three debates” in the general election.

Days later, Senator Hassan announced her debate schedule, which includes three general election debates. Hearing this, Don Bolduc quickly backtracked and said three debates were not enough.

Of the three debates Bolduc said he would do, he listed off: “A debate done by an outside agency,” then a “town hall debate,” and finally, he would “do the WMUR one.”

“Don Bolduc has lied to voters about his record of pushing election fraud conspiracies, where he stands on abortion, his calls to end Social Security and Medicare, and now how many debates he would do,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “Is there anything Don Bolduc has been truthful about?”

Read Bolduc’s comments below and listen to the interview here.

BOLDUC: “I hope so. You know, WMUR is usually, you know, it's our only television station here in New Hampshire, news channel, television and, you know, home-based anyways, and Manchester. And they usually do the general election. But I would like to have three debates, a debate done by an outside agency like maybe a national debate like Newsmax just did with the Senate candidates and then a town hall debate where both of us have to get in front of Granite Staters and answer questions, you know, right there, face to face, coffee-breath close with the people and then do the WMUR one, you know, just before the election.”


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