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Don Bolduc Would Be a No Vote on the Respect for Marriage Act

Don Bolduc made it clear that if he were in the US Senate, he would be a no vote on the Respect for Marriage Act that would enshrine marriage equality into federal law.

Bolduc was asked yesterday about how he would vote on the legislation that the United States House recently passed. He said, “Why do we even need a Respect for Marriage Act if we just followed our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution?” and added, “Your whole, the whole idea of trying to take this all out of context and suggest that we need special laws for people. All we need is to just follow our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, and we'll be just fine.”

After the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade in June, conservative Justice Clarence Thomas said the Supreme Court should overturn other legal precedents like access to contraception and marriage equality. Passing the Respect for Marriage Act would ensure that marriage equality remains the law of the land, regardless of the Supreme Court’s actions.

This is not the first time Bolduc has made his anti-LGBTQ positions known. When Bolduc unsuccessfully ran for the GOP Senate nomination in 2020, he ran a homophobic ad complaining about “liberal, socialist pansies.” Bolduc also said he is “a believer in traditional marriage” and opposed banning LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace.


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