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Don Bolduc’s Wife Agrees Sununu is “Involved With Foreign Nations and Corporations”

The feud between Don Bolduc and Chris Sununu is alive and well despite their best efforts to appear united ahead of the general election. Sharon Bolduc, Don Bolduc’s wife, liked a comment on a Facebook post urging voters to support Bolduc and Karoline Leavitt, but not Chris Sununu. The comment said, “ Sununu is involved with foriegn [sic] corporations and nations. Not our nation.”

Clearly, there is still bad blood between Bolduc and Sununu after Bolduc called Sununu a “Chinese Communist sympathizer” and Sununu called Bolduc a “conspiracy-theorist type” and “not a serious candidate.” Prior to the general election, Sununu even threatened not to endorse Bolduc if he became the Republican U.S. Senate nominee.


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