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Don Bolduc and Bruce Fenton Oppose US Aid to Ukraine – Do Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith Agree?

In just twenty-four hours, NH GOP Senate candidates Don Bolduc and Bruce Fenton both made clear that they would have voted no on US aid to Ukraine and the Ukrainians resist Vladimir Putin's violent invasion. While Bolduc and Fenton have made themselves clear that they oppose supporting a democracy that’s resisting Putin’s aggression, Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith have refused to say whether they would have supported this critical aid.

During an interview on WMUR’s CloseUp with Adam Sexton, Don Bolduc said “I would have voted no” on sending aid to Ukraine, adding that the aid that has been sent is “just going to the same old stuff.” Meanwhile, this morning Bruce Fenton tweeted, “we don’t have money to send to Ukraine and even if we did, we shouldn’t. It’s not our business, not our war.” Fenton has repeatedly stated his opposition to aiding Ukraine. These remarks come as Senator Hassan joined Republicans and Democrats in voting for this much-needed emergency aid package — which has overwhelming support from both parties.

With a majority of voters supporting aid to the Ukrainian people, Granite Staters deserve to know if, like Bolduc and Fenton, Morse and Smith would have voted no last week to send aid to Ukraine if they were in the US Senate.


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