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Corey Lewandowski Doesn’t Believe Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith Have What it Takes to Be “Successful”

Meanwhile, Bolduc Goes After Morse and Smith

With only four months left until the primary, Donald Trump’s disgraced advisor Corey Lewandowski is making it clear that the NH GOP Senate candidates have still not met his – or Trump’s – standards. During an interview with The Pulse of NH’s Jack Heath this morning Lewandowski said, “as for Kevin Smith and Chuck Morse, look, I've got some reservations about their ability to be successful in a general election.” Lewandowski has previously said that Morse and Smith’s fundraising was “just not competitive” and did not meet Trump’s expectations. As a result, he’s been pushing for former New York Senate candidate Wendy Long to get into the race. Lewandowski wasn't the only Republican to attack Morse and Smith. During an interview on WMUR’s CloseUp with Adam Sexton this weekend, Don Bolduc also attacked the two candidates for having “top-down campaigns” and has gone after them in the past for being establishment candidates. However, like Morse and Smith, Bolduc isn’t going to get support from Lewandowski any time soon, who said to Heath this morning that, “unequivocally, I would not endorse Don Bolduc” because of his “position on Ukraine. The messy NH GOP Senate primary just keeps getting messier. Read key excerpts from the interview below and listen here. Jack Heath: One of the big Senate races in the country is this U.S. Senate race right here. You know that Maggie Hassan, the Democrat incumbent, raising a lot of money, outraising the Republican field. You've touted Wendy Long on the show before people are telling me, but you're more connected than me, Corey Lewandowski, that she's probably not going to make a go of it just because of the fundraising challenges. You can comment on that. If she does not run, not former President Trump endorsing. I'm asking you Corey Lewandowski among the sort of the field of Don Bolduc retired general, Kevin Smith, Senate President Chuck Morse as a Republican there, if Wendy Stone Long does not run that you, Corey Lewandowski, would endorse, do you see one of those candidates? Who do you like? Do you like one of these candidates more than others among those three? Corey Lewandowski: Well, I can say this, Jack, unequivocally, I would not endorse Don Bolduc. You know, his position on Ukraine, which is American troops on the ground, is completely opposite of what I believe. I believe our American troops should be home. And as a brother who served, you know, 26 years, in the United States Marine Corps, I want to see them home and on domestic soil, unless there is a compelling reason. And I don't think giving $40 billion to the Ukraine and putting American troops over there is the right decision for the American people. And so that to me, that completely disqualifies Don Bolduc from potentially serving in the United States Senate. As for Kevin Smith and and Chuck Morse, look, I've got some reservations about their ability to be successful in a general election. And what I care about the most is the success of of winning [...]


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