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Community Leaders Call Out Trump’s Broken Promises to NH On Anniversary of Trump Campaign Launch

Concord, N.H. - Today, a group Granite Staters joined a press call to discuss the promises Donald Trump has made and broken to Granite Staters on the one year anniversary of his campaign launch for re-election. Read excerpts from today’s press conference call: New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley: “We’re here because Trump has spent the last four years breaking every promise he made to Granite Staters when he campaigned in New Hampshire – whether it was his promise to make health care affordable for everyone, his promise to protect programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and make prescription drugs more affordable, or his promise to respect women and protect their health care. He’s broken promises and his inability to lead – especially now, during a global pandemic – have cost Granite Staters their lives.” Dr. James Fieseher of Dover: “Donald Trump has shown that time and again he cannot be trusted to keep his promises to make health care affordable and accessible. Instead, his health care agenda has been aimed at kicking tens of thousands of Granite Staters off their health insurance, ending protections for 572,000 people in New Hampshire with pre-existing conditions, and leaving the 57,000 Granite Staters enrolled in Medicaid expansion without care, including those struggling with substance use disorder. Donald Trump’s false statements and broken promises are putting the health and safety of Granite Staters at risk. How many more Granite Staters will be sick or die if he gets four more years mismanaging and mangling our health care?” State Senator Martha Fuller Clark: “Here in New Hampshire, I’ve been working with my colleagues in the Senate to pass common-sense measures to lower prescription drug costs, because one-quarter of New Hampshire seniors have reported cutting out a prescription drug due to its high cost. While Democrats are working to ensure no one has to choose between buying their groceries and affording a life-saving medication, Trump is recklessly breaking promise after promise and putting the lives, especially those of seniors in the Granite State, at risk.” Former Speaker of the House Terie Norelli: “New Hampshire has not forgotten Trump’s broken promises – not on health care, not on prescription drugs, not on Social Security, and not on women’s health. Voters are angry. We have had enough of Trump’s broken promises, and on November third, we promise to vote him out for good.”



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