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Claws Came Out At GOP NH-01 Granite State Debate

MANCHESTER, NH — Last night, Republicans in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District participated in the first of WMUR’s Granite State Debates this cycle. Matt Mowers, Karoline Leavitt, Gail Huff Brown, Tim Baxter, and Russell Prescott had their claws out, but none of them came out on top.

It was a rough night to be Matt Mowers. He couldn’t escape his “double voting” record, with just about every candidate on stage attacking his lack of integrity.

When asked if they’d support a federal abortion ban in Congress, Matt Mowers and Tim Baxter both raised their hands in the affirmative, though Matt Mowers tried his hardest to pretend he didn’t. While he was blaming the press and the US constitution, Tim Baxter pointed out that Mowers was just “the lobbyist is giving his spin.”

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Last night’s WMUR debate was another cringe-fest for NH-01 Republicans to show off for Trump and win his endorsement before it’s too late. When they weren’t bickering like children or calling each other names, they were touting the Big Lie, their extreme anti-choice agendas, and lying about Congressman Chris Pappas’s record.

Matt Mowers wasn’t clear about a single thing besides the fact that he’s flailing. Even with shady money and the establishment behind him, he’s in total freefall. Whether it’s Matt “Double-Voting” Mowers or Karoline Leavitt who makes it out of this mess of a primary, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that Granite Staters are going to overwhelmingly choose to send Congressman Pappas back to Washington.”


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