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Chuck Morse Denies Justice to Survivors Who Were Abused at the Sununu Youth Detention Center

Morse “Refused to Meet” With Survivors Who He Called “These People”

State Senate President and US Senate candidate Chuck Morse today denied justice to people who were abused at the Sununu Youth Detention Center by voting to pass HB 1677, a bill that as written will not ensure that all survivors receive compensation from the state for the abuse that took place over five decades. The bill that Morse urged the legislature to pass only has a narrow definition of abuse that excludes many of the horrific examples of sexual abuse that took place. Lawyers for the survivors said that the bill is “a political move to fool the public into thinking the current political leadership actually cares about the children the State abused.” Child abuse prevention advocates added that by passing this bill, the state is “devaluing [survivors] claims through the statute of limitations and by pretending emotional harm doesn’t count. In addition to passing a bill that denies justice to people who were abused as children, Morse also “refused to meet with a single victim” and insultingly referred to them as “these people.” “These brave men and women who endured years of abuse at the Sununu Youth Detention Center courageously came forward so the state could hold their abusers accountable — and Chuck Morse utterly failed them today,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “I am appalled that Morse refused to meet with a single survivor and dismissed them as ‘these people,’ and it is shameful that Morse is standing in the way of the survivors receiving justice.”


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