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Chuck Morse Caves, Supports Suspending State Gas Tax After Weeks of Pushing from Senator Hassan

CONCORD – Tonight, after weeks of pushing for a gas tax holiday from Senator Hassan and both Democrats and Republicans in New Hampshire, Chuck Morse caved and finally endorsed a state gas tax holiday. This bill follows Senator Hassan’s proposal for a federal gas tax holiday and is only possible because of the federal funds New Hampshire’s delegation secured.

This is a major reversal from Morse who said that he “wouldn’t support” suspending the state gas tax. While Morse was staunch in his opposition to suspending the gas tax, he offered no real solutions to lower costs for Granite Staters — just Big Oil talking points. In response to Morse finally giving in, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“After weeks of only parroting Big Oil talking points and getting in the way of bipartisan progress to lower costs, Chuck Morse is finally following Senator Hassan’s lead and saying he’ll stop blocking efforts to suspend the state gas tax. Despite finally bowing to pressure on this issue, we all know that Chuck Morse will continue to do everything he can to shill for Big Oil and remain in the good graces of Mitch McConnell and his corporate special interests. That is why we are grateful to have Senator Hassan in office who will always fight to lower costs for Granite Staters.”


Morse On A Federal Gas Tax Holiday: “All This Does Is Kick The Can Down The Road – This Is A Phony Gimmick That Won’t Lower Gas Prices.” “In New Hampshire, the three Republicans running for their party’s Senate nomination quickly took aim at Hassan over her new bill and the overall surge in inflation. State Senate President Chuck Morse claimed that ‘all this does is kick the can down the road – this is a phony gimmick that won’t lower gas prices; more supply will. We need to produce more American energy.’” [Concord Monitor, 2/11/22]

HEADLINE: “GOP Senate Candidate Not In Favor Of Temporarily Suspending NH Gas Tax” [Pulse of NH, 3/15/22]

Morse On Suspending The State Gas Tax: “I Wouldn’t Support.” “State Senate president and US Senate candidate Chuck Morse saying on Good Morning New Hampshire he is not in favor of temporarily suspending the state gas tax between now and the end of the summer as Governor Sununu has expressed for. “Specifically to any tax we are going to temporarily do with a suspension I wouldn’t support. I think what we need to think is long term in New Hampshire, I think anything we are going to do we need to keep in place forever”, Morse said. U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan is calling for temporarily suspending the Federal gas tax.” [Pulse of NH, 3/15/22]

Morse Did Not Join Hassan In Calling For A Gas Tax Holiday. “While U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan, who is running for reelection, proposed a federal gas tax holiday, her potential Republican opponents this fall did not join her including Senate President Chuck Morse, who will have a say on the state tax holiday. The state gas tax holiday would come during the traditionally three biggest months for collections.” [InDepthNH, 3/19/22]

HEADLINE: “Morse Not For Gas Tax Move” [Union Leader, 3/20/22]


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