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Chuck Morse Campaigns with Convicted Insurrectionist

Morse attended an event last night hosted by the Rochester 9/12 Project, a fringe extremist group led by insurrectionist Jerry Delemus who in 2014 was convicted “of inciting and helping lead an armed insurrection” in a standoff against federal officers at the Bundy Ranch standoff. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the standoff helped inspire far-right militias across the country.

Last month, General Don Bolduc also attended an event hosted by the group, which is the New Hampshire branch of the larger far-right organization— and was founded by Delemus who has also faced scrutiny for trying to form a militia in 2013.

Delemus said that he wants to host all three Republican US Senate candidates at a candidate forum this year. While Kevin Smith is the only candidate who has yet to attend an event with the group, Smith attended a 9/12 Project forum in 2012.


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