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Chuck Morse Calls Out Kelly Ayotte for Refusing to Debate

The Republican gubernatorial primary is heating up after Chuck Morse put Kelly Ayotte on blast for refusing to debate him. And now, radio host Chris Ryan is doubling down and offering up terms.

This isn’t the first time Ayotte has gone into hiding when confronted about her record. 

For weeks Ayotte refused to answer questions about Jon Stone’s endorsement of her campaign after InDepthNH reported that Stone’s “law enforcement career ended when he threatened to kill fellow police officers in a shooting spree, and murder his chief after raping the chief’s wife and children.”

Now, Ayotte refuses to participate in a primary debate, and it’s likely because she can’t keep track of her ever-changing positions including — her abandonment-turned-embrace of Donald Trump, which speaks volumes about her inability to read the electorate and navigate the dynamics of a Republican primary.

“It’s a real shame Kelly isn’t willing to stand by her record and debate Chuck Morse – but then again, how could she? Her record is ever-changing, and she clearly doesn’t know how to navigate this increasingly ugly primary,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Kelly’s cookie-cutter, DC consultant driven campaign should spend less time talking about states that aren’t New Hampshire and more time explaining her terrible record. It’s getting sad, Kelly.”


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