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Chris Sununu Has No Plan to Get Granite Staters Vaccinated

Concord, N.H., -- In an interview with WMUR’s Adam Sexton, Chris Sununu criticized President Biden’s new proposal to incentivize more Americans to get vaccinated, but offered no plan of his own to get Granite Staters vaccinated. Recently, Sununu said that there is no longer any role for his Administration to play in fighting COVID-19 even as new COVID cases are increasing daily and New Hampshire’s vaccination rate lags behind every other state in New England. “Chris Sununu has absolutely no plan to get Granite Staters vaccinated as the delta variant spreads. The governor’s criticism of President Biden’s plan is a transparent and pathetic attempt to score political points with Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Cases are rising in New Hampshire because Chris Sununu wasted $400,000 in taxpayer dollars to promote himself in an ad campaign that has completely and utterly failed to get more Granite Staters vaccinated.” Research shows that politicians are not effective messengers for vaccination, but Governor Sununu’s administration has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a largely ineffective vaccination campaign that stars Sununu. Recently WMUR reported that new documents show that Chris Sununu’s staff demanded that he be included in a vaccination PSA campaign. While New Hampshire’s COVID cases increase, the state’s vaccination rate is the lowest in New England. According to updated data from the New York Times, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are all well ahead of New Hampshire in percentage of population vaccinated. Vermont’s vaccination rate is 67.4 percent, Maine’s is 63.4 percent, Massachusetts’s is 63.7 percent, Connecticut’s is 63.1 percent, and Rhode Island’s is 61.3 percent. Meanwhile, New Hampshire’s vaccination rate is only 58.2 percent.



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