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Chairman Buckley’s Statement on President Biden’s First 100 Days in Office & Joint Address

Concord, N.H. - Today marks President Biden’s 100th day in office and last night President Biden addressed a joint session to Congress. Following these milestones in the Biden Administration, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“President Biden and Vice President Harris have shown tremendous leadership in the first 100 days of their administration. Checks are in bank accounts, shots are in arms, and over a million new jobs were created in record time. President Biden and the Democrats in Washington have done more than just keep their promises. Because of the American Rescue Plan and President Biden’s leadership over the last 100 days, America is back on track. Today, I am prouder than ever to be a Democrat.

“I’m proud of what President Biden and Democrats are doing for us here in New Hampshire, especially since Washington Republicans, Koch special interests, and Chris Sununu continue to block progress for Granite Staters by opposing legislation like the American Rescue Plan and the American Jobs Plan. Chris Sununu and Mitch McConnell played political games with critical COVID relief for Granite Staters, and opposed this economic relief package and historic infrastructure plan. Sununu continues to remind voters that, while he is beholden to his corporate special interests, our federal delegation is working for the people of New Hampshire.”

“It’s clear that here in New Hampshire, we will build back better with or without obstructionist Republicans. Because of the great strides made by the Biden administration in the first 100 days, I couldn’t be more optimistic about what’s ahead.”


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