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BUSINESS INSIDER: Republican-backed Free Staters share list of 'woke' churches as threats of far-rig

In case you missed it, Business Insider published a story over the weekend detailing the work of the Republican-backed Free State Project members creating and distributing a list of “woke” churches across the state of New Hampshire and the implications of potential violence the publication of such a list creates for churchgoers.

The publication of this list follows a rise in far right violence and a rise in violence at places of worship nationwide, as well as a study which found an extremely high rate of New Hampshire Republican lawmakers affiliated with far right groups

Key Excerpts:

  • The list… largely measures "wokeness" by whether the church is LGBTQ-friendly, has advocated for racial or social justice, or had implemented COVID precautions.

  • While displaying a Pride flag, or requiring masks was a sure-fire way to land churches on the list, there were other reasons cited for the classification.

  • An Episcopal church made its way on the woke list by donating to the NAACP. Another displayed a Ukraine flag on its website. A third included a blurb on its website about how they are located on "unceded native American land."

  • Eight Episcopal churches on the list were included for either supporting the LGBTQ. community on their websites or for generally being LGBTQ affirming churches. The Episcopal Church is generally more accepting of the LGBTQ community, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

  • And while the group says it doesn't welcome those who promote violence, the list, which singles out places of worship due to ideology, was shared on Twitter as threats of extremist far-right violence are at a high. References to "civil war" doubled on online extremist platforms in the week following the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, Insider previously reported.


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