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BREAKING: NH GOP Bringing in “Pillow Guy” To Lead Closed-Door Election Hoax Strategy Session

CONCORD, NH – Members of the NH GOP announced Friday their plans to bring in election fraud conspiracy theorist, "Pillow Guy" Mike Lindell to lead a closed-door strategy session next week on how to import the election fraud hoax here to New Hampshire.

Mike Lindell was permanently suspended from Twitter in January of 2021 after months of spreading disinformation on the 2020 election and repeated claims of voter fraud, echoing former President Donald Trump’s repeated lies about the election.

“Sununu and the NH GOP have repeatedly aligned themselves with far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists who push the Big Lie. We call on Sununu and his circus of a legislature to denounce Mike Lindell, his anti-democratic disinformation campaign, and instruct their members — in no uncertain terms — not to attend this dangerous conspiracy theorist event,” said NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke.


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