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Bolduc Touts Endorsement from Extreme Backer of National Abortion Ban

Don Bolduc is touting an endorsement from Tennessee Republican Senator Bill Hagerty, one of the earliest backers of Lindsay Graham’s extreme national abortion ban proposal in the Senate. Staunch anti-choice Republicans are lining up behind Bolduc, and it’s no surprise given that he would be a clear yes vote on a national abortion ban and has promised never to vote against anti-choice legislation.

“Extreme supporters of a nationwide abortion ban are rallying behind Don Bolduc because they know he’d be a reliable vote against women’s most fundamental freedoms,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “From saying decisions around reproductive health belong to ‘gentlemen’ politicians to pledging to never vote against anti-choice legislation, Don Bolduc is completely out-of-step with the Granite State, where we value women’s full freedoms and participation in society.”

Hagerty is one in a line of anti-choice Republicans who have coalesced around Bolduc. Just one day after the Republican primary, former Vice President Mike Pence was in New Hampshire to campaign for Don Bolduc, where he said “we must not rest” until abortion is outlawed in every state in the country.

Last week, Bolduc doubled down on his anti-choice record by saying that “as a man,” the future of abortion rights in New Hampshire belongs to “gentlemen” Republican politicians. He has also said that he would always vote for anti-choice legislation, said New Hampshire’s abortion ban did not go far enough, told New Hampshire women to “get over” the potential of a national abortion ban, and even dug his heels in on his callous comments saying “I don’t regret saying it.”


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