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Bob Burns Highlights Record of Extremism in NHPR Debate

CONCORD, NH — This afternoon, NHPR hosted the first debate between Congresswoman Annie Kuster and her Republican opponent Bob Burns. It was definitely… interesting, to say the least.

Among the bizarre and out-of-touch comments Bob Burns made was his admission that he personally has “looked for these white supremacist groups" in New Hampshire, and that “it’s up to states” if politicians should be able to restrict voting for people of color.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Debates aren’t everyone’s medium, and they certainly aren’t Bob Burns’s. While Congresswoman Kuster highlighted her record of delivering results, Bob Burns showed just how out-of-touch and unqualified he is for office.

From promoting debunked conspiracy theories about election fraud, supporting states’ measures for voter suppression, and doubling down on his extreme anti-choice agenda — Bob Burns demonstrated to us all that he doesn’t belong in elected office of any kind.”


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