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Bob Burns Doubles Down On Mandatory “Death Panels” in WMUR Live Interview

CONCORD, NH — Bob Burns joined WMUR for a Facebook Live event, where he continued to spout some of his most extreme, far-right policy opinions yet.

During the interview, Burns doubled down on his abortion “death panel” comments from 2018, suggesting that women should be required to see (and pay for) a panel of doctors before being allowed a life-saving abortion.

About the January 6th insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, Burns complained about the January 6th Commission’s investigation of “freedom loving Americans” and their involvement in the insurrection. He stated that the commission “committed a far greater crime” than the deadly insurrectionists.

Burns also stated that if elected, “we’re going to build the wall” and “deport illegals.” He also stated his opposition to any legislation codifying gay marriage, calling it “silly.”

The cherry on top of his extreme comments was his statement on NH State House Republicans’ push to have New Hampshire secede from the United States, stating, “If you don’t believe in the Free State Movement you don’t believe in the constitution.”

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Wow. If the difference between Annie Kuster and Bob Burns wasn’t stark enough, this interview shows just how extreme and out-of-touch Burns is. He’s doubled down on this disgusting ‘death panel’ idea and continued to spew inflammatory rhetoric and far-right ideals.

Granite State voters know that Congresswoman Kuster is fighting for them. Meanwhile, Bob Burns would vote for a nationwide abortion ban, death panels, and extremist nonsense that I can’t even imagine.”


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