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Banning Abortion, Ending Social Security: The Lowlights from the Latest #NHSen Republican Debate

Tonight’s debate was another race to the right. With less than a week until the Republican Senate primary, Chuck Morse doubled down on his anti-choice record, bragging about receiving the endorsement of groups pushing to ban abortion in every single state. Not to be outdone, Don Bolduc reiterated his calls to end Social Security. Here are the lowlights from tonight’s debate:

  1. Morse Brags About Endorsement from Group Pushing for a Nationwide Abortion Ban. “There is no question where I stand on the issue,” Chuck Morse said after bragging that he was endorsed by Susan B. Anthony, an extreme anti-choice group that is trying to ban abortion nationwide. Morse said he received this endorsement because the group was confident Morse would “carry… out in this country” their agenda to pass a nationwide abortion ban. Morse also touted his “100 percent” score from Cornerstone NH, a radical group that wants to ban abortion. Watch the clip here.

  2. Bolduc Reiterates Call to End Social Security, Saying We Need a “Different System.” Don Bolduc made clear once again that he supports ending Social Security, saying that he supports replacing it with “a different system” and insisting that “we revise it” and “we reform it.” Bolduc has proposed cutting $2 trillion dollars from Social Security, raising the retirement age, slashing cost of living adjustments, and promised to reach a point where we “no longer have Social Security.” Watch the clip here.

  3. Kevin Smith Slams Chuck Morse as McConnell’s Guy. Kevin Smith once again went after Chuck Morse’s ties to Mitch McConnell, saying: “That's [McConnell’s] guy, his establishment pick, because he knows he'll toe the line for him.” McConnell is pouring $4.6 million dollars into New Hampshire to prop up Morse’s struggling campaign in a last-ditch effort to drag Morse across the finish line. Smith has previously said, “when Mitch says, jump, Chuck is going to say, how high” and that Morse is “bought and paid for” by McConnell. Watch the clip here.


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