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Ahead of Debate Tonight, Things are Getting Even Uglier in the NH GOP Senate Primary

It was another whirlwind twenty-four hours for the NH GOP Senate primary. With a debate tonight, expect to see even more bloodshed from the Republican Senate candidates who can’t stop attacking each other. Here’s what you need to know ahead of the debate: Chuck Morse and Mitch McConnell Go Negative Against Don Bolduc. A week after it was announced that the McConnell-aligned White Mountain PAC was spending nearly $5 million in ads backing Chuck Morse, today it was reported that the PAC is also going negative against Bolduc. The ad "explicitly says he’ll cost Republicans the Senate seat if he’s the nominee against Sen. Maggie Hassan." This is the latest example of McConnell meddling in the NH GOP Senate primary in a desperate attempt to buy the Senate seat. Trumpland Passes on Morse. It looks like Morse isn’t getting the coveted Trump endorsement after all. Yesterday, the Union Leader reported that conservative radio talk show host Liz Gabert said that "Sununu called Trump to lobby on behalf of Senate President Chuck Morse’s candidacy," but Trump said he is "going to stay neutral right now." However, today it was reported that "Chuck Morse will miss out on a much-anticipated endorsement from Donald Trump," which is "a major setback for a candidate who, despite outraising him by a factor of 10, still appears to trail frontrunner Don Bolduc." Kevin Smith Keeps Swinging at Morse. Kevin Smith’s attacks on Morse for getting help from "Mitch McConnell and his establishment friends" aren’t stopping anytime soon. Just yesterday, the Conway Daily Sun published an interview with Smith where he called Morse "Chuck McConnell" and continued to berate him because "Mitch McConnell’s group has come in on Chuck. They’ve picked Chuck as their guy." Last week, Smith said, "When Mitch says, jump, Chuck is going to say, how high" and called Morse "bought and paid for" by McConnell. Messy!


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