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After Brutal Debate, GOP Senate Candidates Continue to Ramp Up Ruthless Attacks

Bruce Fenton Says He Won’t Support Chuck Morse If He Wins the Nomination

They didn’t sleep this one off. After one of the most vicious debates in recent memory, where the candidates yelled and berated one another for ninety minutes, the brawling continued into the next morning. On NH Today, Don Bolduc continued his broadsides against Kevin Smith, mocking him as a “shiny penny” and “a well rehearsed politician with little experience” who can only “memorize a script.” Bolduc also said that Bruce Fenton “wasn’t wrong” when he berated Chuck Morse all night during the debate because Morse “didn’t answer the question,” and added that he thinks Morse and Smith are “bought by big money.” Bolduc’s comments struck a chord. On Drew Cline's talk show on WFEA today, Smith made it clear that Bolduc’s attacks didn’t sit well with him, saying, “I don’t know how we are going to unite Republicans if he is the nominee when he has made so many disparaging remarks about other Republicans. Fenton also joined NH Today, where he said he would refuse to endorse Morse if he won the nomination and said that “nobody” on the stage had “good liberty credentials. The Republicans are getting meaner and nastier to each other with each passing day making one thing clear: in the New Hampshire Republican Senate primary, the claws are out.


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