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2023 NHDP Midterm Convention Welcomes PA Gov. Josh Shaprio, Dem Leaders From Across the Granite Stat

BEDFORD, NH — Distinguished Democratic leaders from across the Granite State were joined by Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro today at Bedford High School to attend the NHDP 2023 Midterm Convention.

Under the capable leadership of Co-Chairs Representative Ben Ming and Representative Catherine Rombeau, over 600 attendees witnessed the next generation of Democratic leadership ready to lead New Hampshire into the future.

Governor Shapiro’s keynote address highlighted the importance of the New Hampshire governor’s race and the strength of the Democratic candidates going into 2024.

“Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington and Mayor Joyce Craig are far more accomplished and far more prepared to lead New Hampshire than anyone on the other side of the field. The Democratic Governors Association is already invested in New Hampshire, and we’ll be there for whoever you choose as your nominee.”

Gov. Shapiro continued, “I’m confident that in November 2024, this state will elect a Democrat to fight for your freedoms, to protect your rights… Because I know that if you elect a Democratic Governor in New Hampshire, she – and your Governor will be a she – will defend a woman’s right to choose.”

Following the speaking program, the NHDP introduced an 'Afternoon Core Curriculum' training program, crafted by Caitlin Rollo and Shana Potvin, that provided delegates and participants with invaluable tools and insights to pave the way to victory in 2024. Attendees were given lessons on data analytics, effective messaging strategies, comprehensive strategic planning, and result-oriented organizing principles, poised to shape the blueprint for the forthcoming election cycle.

In response to the success of the convention, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley release the following statement:

“This year’s convention was an incredible success. Thank you to Governor Shapiro for being our keynote speaker and sharing his impressive track record of achievements in Pennsylvania. His energy and spirit served as the perfect kick off to our 2024 election efforts. Our heartfelt appreciation extends to Representative Ben Ming and Representative Catherine Rombeau, and to all the incredible speakers, delegates, volunteers, event staff, and participants who participated in this incredible event."

For select photos and multimedia of today’s event, click here.


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