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Historic Number of Candidates File to Run for Delegate to 2020 Democratic National Convention

Concord – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced that a historic number of candidates filed to run for delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, signalling massive enthusiasm on the Democratic side as we head toward the general election.

In total, 382 Granite Staters filed to run for delegate, representing 11 different presidential campaigns - beating the previous 2004 record. Delegate candidates hail from 130 communities across the state and all ten counties. Of the 382 delegate candidates, 85 are young people, 65 are LGBTQ+, 4 identify as non-binary, 29 are persons with disabilities, 16 are Asian American and Pacific Islander, 13 are Latino and Hispanic, 11 are African American, and 5 are Native American.

“This year’s candidates are more diverse than ever. And the historic number of delegate candidates shows that activists are deciding to step up to run for something, and that the energy is on our side as we head toward November,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.

At the 2020 Democratic National Convention, the New Hampshire Democratic Party will have 33 delegates and 2 alternates. 16 of the 33 total delegates are elected at caucuses that will be held on January 25th in each congressional district for each presidential campaign. These caucuses are open press, and more details will be provided in the coming days.

“Being a delegate to the national convention is a very special and unique opportunity, and we look forward to bringing a diverse group of Granite Staters with us to Milwaukee to nominate the next president of the United States,” said Buckley.

You can view the candidates running to represent each presidential candidate as delegate here.


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