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"As your Senator I will never support raising the minimum wage"

ICYMI: Republican Senate candidate Donald Bolduc announced in an angry twitter post that he will "never support raising the minimum wage," spreading a bizarre conspiracy theory that earning a living wage is the equivalent of letting the government "control you." Bolduc's comments follow those of Corky Messner of Colorado, who told the Keene Sentinel that he is similarly opposed to raising the minimum wage, suggesting that people making minimum wage just don't work hard enough.

"Bolduc is promising that he will never stand with working families in New Hampshire who have not seen an increase in the minimum wage in more than 10 years," said NHDP spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. "Clearly the Republican primary for Senate in New Hampshire is devolving into a race to the far-right, and in the coming months we will see Bolduc, Messner and O'Brien continue to stake out positions alienating the majority of Granite Staters." The $7.25 minimum wage hasn't seen an increase in more than 10 years, even as the cost of living has increased 18 percent. And Bolduc and Messner are promising that they will never support an increase for New Hampshire families.


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