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Every Republican Senate candidate would take this vote

Concord, N.H. – Today marks the second anniversary of the day Republicans in the U.S. Senate rammed through final passage of Trump’s tax bill, a boon to rich Americans at the expense of everyone else. Corey Lewandowski and declared Republican candidates Corky Messner of Colorado, Donald Bolduc, and Bill O’Brien have all said that they would have voted for this windfall for corporate special interests and big corporations, and would support similar corporate welfare bills at the expense of the middle class. Lewandowski even used his D.C.-insider status to lead efforts to pass the bill.

In addition to being a corporate giveaway to the richest Americans, the tax scam is now the foundation for a Republican lawsuit that could take away health care from tens of thousands of Granite Staters. When Republicans removed the individual mandate as part of this legislation, they paved the way for the partisan lawsuit that could dismantle the Affordable Care Act and:

  • Kick 89,000 New Hampshire residents off their health insurance

  • End protections for 572,000 Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions

  • Get rid of health care for 57,000 on Medicaid Expansion, including treatment for individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

“Every Republican candidate for the Senate in New Hampshire is campaigning to be a voice for the richest corporations, standing against the best interests of Granite State families,” said NHDP spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. “Even worse, the partisan tax scam they are supporting could lead to tens of thousands of New Hampshire residents being kicked off their health care. It might have been good for Donald Trump and his shadow lobbyists like Corey Lewandowski, and it certainly helped multi-millionaire Corky Messner in Colorado, but it doesn't help families in New Hampshire.”


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