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"...if they work hard enough"

In Case You Missed It, Republican Senate Candidate Corky Messner from Colorado is aggressively opposed to raising the federal minimum wage, as exposed in a new interview. The Keene Sentinel reports that Messner not only opposes raising the minimum wage, he also argued "that in New Hampshire — which has no state minimum and resorts to the federal one — any entry-level employee can quickly get paid above $7.25 per hour if they work hard enough."

“Corky Messner is trying to buy a Senate seat in New Hampshire with the millions he made as an attorney in Colorado, yet he opposes even a moderate increase in the minimum wage for families struggling to put food on the table,” said NHDP spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. “By accusing Granite Staters of just not working ‘hard enough,’ Corky is showing his true colors as an out-of-touch, out-of-state millionaire who’s only looking out for himself, not New Hampshire.”

The $7.25 minimum wage hasn't seen an increase in more than 10 years, even as the cost of living has increased 18 percent. But Corky thinks people just aren’t working hard enough.


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