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Pence Can’t Erase Trump’s Broken Promises to New Hampshire

In response to Mike Pence’s appearances in Concord and Manchester today, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley released the following statement: “Nothing Pence says today can erase the truth. In 2016, Trump promised the world to Granite Staters. In the three years since, he hasn’t delivered anything but a trail of broken promises. We saw through his empty rhetoric then, we rejected it again on Tuesday, and we’ll proudly send him packing in 2020.”

BACKGROUND ON TRUMP’S BROKEN PROMISES TO NEW HAMPSHIRE Promise: “I know a lot of people in New Hampshire⁠. Their children are hooked. We are going to work like hell to get them unhooked because we have to.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Concord NH, 1/18/16] Reality: Trump attempted to slash $688 million from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, called for a 95% cut to the Office Of National Drug Control Policy, and sought major cuts to Medicaid even as it has expanded access to treatment in N.H. Promise: “We will come up with health care plans that will be phenomenal — phenomenal that will be less expensive.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Hampton NH, 8/14/15] Reality: If Republicans succeed in overturning the Affordable Care Act, 89,000 people in New Hampshire would lose their health insurance—more than doubling the number of uninsured Granite Staters. Promise: “I will protect and preserve without cuts, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Manchester NH, 6/17/15] Reality: Trump’s FY20 budget would cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid and end the expansion program that extended coverage to tens of thousands of Granite Staters. Promise: “And I’m cutting your taxes down very, very low.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Nashua NH, 12/28/15] Reality: Trump’s tax scam will hike taxes on more than 223,000 Granite Staters while handing a windfall to massive corporations.


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