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NHDP Fact Check on WMUR Mayoral Debate: Victoria Sullivan vs. Reality

Yesterday, during WMUR's mayoral debate, Victoria Sullivan continued to distort, misrepresent, and outright lie about her damaging record for Manchester’s residents.

Victoria Sullivan claimed during the debate she supported Senate Bill 193 because it “would have allowed people to have some of their tax dollars back to invest in their children’s education.”

  • REALITY: Senate Bill 193 would have defunded public education and forced Manchester taxpayers to pick up the bill. Even fellow Republican House Finance Committee Chair Neal Kirk said SB 193 “downshifts $99 million to local property taxpayers in ways that they will not be able to avoid by reducing expenses." [NHPR, 4/25/2018]

Victoria Sullivan claimed during the debate that House Bill 1457 which she sponsored supported ‘the current drug take back programs” and “in the legislation it said that it is imperative to get these drugs out of our homes and off our streets.”

  • REALITY: Law enforcement officials said Sullivan's bill would force them to dismantle their drug take back program. According to the Bedford Police Chief and Chiefs Association, House Bill 1457 would “effectively exclude NH law enforcement agencies from participation in the twice-annual DEA drug take back program” and would have “dismantled” law enforcement’s drug drop box and take back programs. [The Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs, 2/6/2018]

Victoria Sullivan claimed during the debate that in a study that asked 700 people about commuter rail, “one-tenth of one percent would actually be using the commuter rail.”

  • REALITY: 75.5% of New Hampshire residents support commuter rail. [Manchester Ink Link, 5/20/2019]

Victoria Sullivan claimed during the debate, “In my tenure I voted on over 4,000 bills, and I never voted against the city."

  • REALITY: Victoria Sullivan voted to decrease school funding from the state and increase the funding required by the city of Manchester. [HB 1, 4/1/15]

  • REALITY: Victoria Sullivan voted against Medicaid expansion, which effects 7,500 Manchester residents. [HB 1811, 2/8/18]

  • REALITY: Victoria Sullivan voted 5x against funding to combat the opioid crisis. [SSHCR 1; 11/18/15; HB 1000 6/16/16; SB 533, 4/20/16, SB 131, 6/1/17, HB 1811, 2/8/18]

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