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FACT CHECK: Victoria Sullivan’s State Rep. Record Made Manchester Housing Challenges Worse

Manchester - Victoria Sullivan’s rhetoric today can’t mask her record – which includes vote after vote that made housing challenges in Manchester worse.

As a state representative, Victoria Sullivan voted against affordable housing, opposed a minimum wage, and voted against funding for supportive housing and substance use disorder treatment.

  • Voted against funding for mental health and transitional housing (HB 1817, 2018).

  • Voted against raising the minimum wage (HB 115, 2017).

  • Voted against funding for alcohol and substance use disorder treatment, supportive housing, and the prosecution of drug cases. (SB 533, 2016).

  • Voted to allow property managers to double the amount they can legally ask for as a deposit, making it harder for those experiencing homelessness to attain a home. (HB 269, 2015).

“Victoria Sullivan's rhetoric is betrayed by her damaging voting record where at every turn she voted against affordable housing, against funding for substance use disorder treatment, and against policies that would help,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. Mayor Joyce Craig has worked to reduce the homeless population in Manchester by enacting programs and policies to increase homeless services, capacity, and focus on prevention.

  • Provided funding for Families in Transition – New Horizons homeless shelter to stay open during the day to provide services including substance misuse treatment, mental health programming, and healthcare. (Manchester Ink Link, 3/27/2019).

  • Provided $2.8 million in federal funds for homelessness prevention and affordable housing through the recently approved budget. (Manchester Ink Link, 3/27/2019).

  • Added a Homelessness Prevention and Response Coordinator to the Health Department. (Manchester Ink Link, 3/27/2019).

  • Established the Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness, which centered on four key areas: panhandling, outreach and services, housing and sector capacity, and prevention. (WMUR, 6/3/2019).

“Joyce Craig has made real progress to address this challenge with policy steps, and we are seeing the results of her leadership,” said Buckley. “My choice is Joyce, because she is partnering with community groups to improve access to and quality of services like mental and physical health care for people experiencing homelessness, she is committed to solving Manchester’s challenges, and she has a record to match.”


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