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7 Things New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Has Said About Impeachment in a Single Week

In case you're having trouble keeping track of what Chris Sununu thinks about the impeachment inquiry...we don't blame you. Here are 7 things he's said about it in 1 week:

  • Sununu: "I don’t buy any of it, I don’t think anybody should" [Portsmouth Herald, 10/17/2019]

  • Also Sununu: "I'm not saying that the issue of impeachment isn't serious - of course it is." [WMUR, 10/13/2019].

  • On the other hand, Sununu: Impeachment is "a little like the boy who cried wolf." [WMUR, 10/13/2019].

  • But then, Sununu: "I don't think it's ever appropriate for a chief executive to be calling overseas and trying to get people involved with our election - our electoral process." [WMUR, 10/13/2019].

  • However: "From what I’ve seen, this doesn’t rise to the level of an impeachment." [Portsmouth Herald, 10/17/2019].

  • But: "Sununu said he has not read the transcript released by the White House of the conversation between the two presidents." [Portsmouth Herald, 10/17/2019].

  • But also, Sununu: "Is it truly impeachable? And that's what Congress really has to figure out. Something was said on that phone call. What was actually said? Was it a minor conversation? Was it severe as folks have implied it to be?" [WMUR, 10/13/2019].

So... let's get this straight: Sununu believes that the president asking a foreign leader to investigate a political rival is inappropriate and a serious issue. But he doesn't believe it happened (despite multiple whistleblower complaints and credible testimony), and he refuses to read the transcript of the call where this request was made. And finally, Congress looking into the president's conduct is a political circus and they shouldn't investigate, but also Congress should figure out if what Trump did is impeachable. Clearer now? No? We agree. "Chris Sununu’s blind allegiance to Trump has always impeded his ability to lead New Hampshire, and it's clearer than ever that his judgment is clouded and his values are for sale," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Spokesperson Holly Shulman. "Despite knowing that what President Trump did is wrong, Sununu refuses to put U.S. national security and the interests of Granite Staters ahead of his unquestioning loyalty to this corrupt president."


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