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NHDP Statement: Response to Chris Sununu's Asinine Comment Mocking His Most Vulnerable Constituents

This morning, Chris Sununu said that “we are not doing dumb things like raising the minimum wage." Here is a response from Holly Shulman, spokesperson for the New Hampshire Democratic Party: "In the past few weeks studies have found that New Hampshire is one of only nine states in the country that has seen a spike in income inequality and is one of only 10 states in the country where child poverty has increased. "Does Chris Sununu believe it's 'dumb' to help the thousands of Granite Staters who struggle to make ends meet on an outdated $7.25 an hour wage? Does he think it's 'dumb' to take a simple step that would help the 80,000 Granite Staters who live in poverty right now? "Chris Sununu's agenda is getting things done for only some people - special interests, his corporate donors, out of state corporations, and those at the very top. It’s clear that he has no regard for those who are still struggling to make ends meet, and no plan to help them get ahead."


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