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New Hampshire Democratic Party Fact-Checks Victoria Sullivan’s Record on Crime

Manchester, N.H. - The New Hampshire Democratic Party is releasing a series of fact checks to expose Victoria Sullivan for turning her back on the people of Manchester when she was a state representative. Sullivan’s egregious voting record is why Manchester residents kicked her out of office in 2018. Today, the NHDP is exposing how her record on crime makes her unfit to lead Manchester.

Victoria Sullivan says that “crime is a serious issue” as a candidate for Mayor.

But, Victoria Sullivan voted against support for law enforcement, against efforts to combat the opioid crisis, and against legislation to help make Manchester safer.

  • Sullivan voted against three programs to assist state and local law enforcement agencies in combating the opioid crisis (SSHCR 1, 2015; HB 1000, 2016; SB 131, 2017).

  • Sullivan voted against increased fines for domestic violence twice (HB 681, 2015; HB 94, 2017).

  • Sullivan voted against banning the sale and possession of synthetic drugs such as "spice” (SB 106, 2015).

  • Sullivan voted against prohibiting open carry of a firearm in medical buildings, bars, polling places, houses of worship, large entertainment venues, public buildings owned by the state, political subdivision, or the University System of New Hampshire (HB 1566, 2018).

“In Concord, Victoria Sullivan consistently turned her back on the people of Manchester and voted to oppose common sense efforts to make the city safer. She likes to talk about what she’d do for the city she wants to run, but that's empty rhetoric, because she refused to back efforts to improve safety in Manchester when she had the chance," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. “As Mayor, Joyce Craig has been a champion for our law enforcement and has tackled issues like substance abuse and homelessness, while making the city a community where people can work and play.”

Mayor Joyce Craig’s time in office has made Manchester a safer city. Under Mayor Joyce Craig’s leadership:

  • In 2018, opioid overdoses and overall crime dropped including a 19% decrease in opioid overdoses and a 9% decrease in violent crime.

  • Police patrols downtown and across the city have increased with the addition of 15 new officers to the Manchester police complement, and additional officers added to the overnight shift.

  • The Manchester Police Department is able to respond to the concerns of downtown business owners more effectively due to increased foot patrols.

  • For the first time ever, the city of Manchester was able to fully-fund body cameras for Manchester Police Department officers.

In addition to reducing the crime rate in Manchester, the city is more vibrant and community-centered than ever:

  • City Hall is more accessible to all residents, with Mayor Craig holding more than 25 individual office hours at schools, businesses, retirement communities, and community centers across Manchester.

  • Manchester partnered with the Palace Theater to renovate the Rex Theater, a 300 seat dynamic entertainment venue in downtown.

  • Manchester saw the first new development in decades in the Millyard with the building of the Tru by Hilton hotel and the Southern New Hampshire University parking garage.

  • The city government now represents the diversity of Manchester, with a focus on stronger relationships between community partners and more transparent city processes.


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