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ICYMI: New Studies Find That Under Sununu, New Hampshire’s Income Inequality And Child Poverty Rates

Concord - Two new studies this week found that under Governor Chris Sununu, New Hampshire is one of the few states in the country where income inequality and child poverty rates are rising.

  • New Hampshire was one of only 10 states where the percentage of children living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty increased. On Wednesday, a new report from The Annie E. Casey Foundation found that New Hampshire ranks among just 10 states in the nation that saw the percentage of children living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty increase. Youth Today reported that “the degree of change varied greatly, ranging from a 1% rise in youth in poor neighborhoods in Puerto Rico to a 100% increase in New Hampshire.” According to Youth Today, “While the economy has improved overall, growth hasn’t been even across the board, said Scot Spencer, associate director of advocacy at the Casey Foundation. And it ‘hasn’t necessarily resulted in jobs that pay a family a sustaining wage.’"

  • New Hampshire is one of nine states with a large spike in income inequality. On Thursday, a new report from the Census Bureau found that income inequality in the United States is the highest it’s ever been, with nine states including New Hampshire seeing the largest spikes in income inequality. The Associated Press reported that policy was likely a factor: “While some states have raised the minimum wage, other states such as New Hampshire and Kansas haven’t.” Donna Ginther, an economist at the University of Kansas explained to the Associated Press, “even though we are at full employment, wages really haven’t gone up much in the recovery.”

“The Sununu economy is defined by its broken promises for the people of New Hampshire,” said Holly Shulman, spokesperson for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “Maybe Chris Sununu should spend less time bragging about ‘winning,’ and instead reverse his shameful veto and sign into law a minimum wage that would directly help those who need it most. Chris Sununu's agenda is getting things done for only some people - special interests, his corporate donors, out of state corporations, and those at the very top. It’s clear that he has no regard for those who are still struggling to make ends meet, and no plan to help them get ahead."


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