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Primary Rival Attacks Lewandowski for Washington Lobbyist Ties

In Case You Missed It, Republican Senate candidate Donald Bolduc attacked Corey Lewandowski, his likely rival in the GOP primary in New Hampshire, for being a Washington Lobbyist on WMUR's CloseUp with Adam Sexton. The exchange is below, and you can watch it here. WMUR Political Director Adam Sexton: "How would you be different in Washington, though, than Corey Lewandowski? He's there." Donald Bolduc: "He's in Washington D.C. as a political advisor. I'm going to be there as a representative of the people of New Hampshire. There's a huge difference between being a political advisor, being a lobbyist, doing your job there, right? And being a representative of the people, 1.3 million." "Corey Lewandowski has not even announced his campaign, and his primary rivals are attacking him for selling White House access to the highest bidder as a Washington shadow lobbyist," said NHDP spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. "This will be a nasty primary, and this is just a preview of the attacks to come once Corey officially joins the race." For more information on Corrupt Corey Lewandowski's shadow lobbying, visit


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