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Governor Sununu Sells Out New Hampshire to the Highest Bidder

Concord, NH – In a new television spot, the New Hampshire Democratic Party exposes how Chris Sununu has sold out Granite Staters with his veto of paid family leave, a law that would have helped ensure that parents could be home with their newborn child or care for a sick family member without jeopardizing their family’s financial security.

Running 30-seconds, the spot began airing early this week on television and online.

The ad features Chris Sununu literally auctioning off a copy of his paid family leave bill veto. But this isn’t the first time Sununu has proven his vetoes are for sale to the highest bidder. At every turn, he’s pushed policies that benefit his corporate donors, his special interests, the Republican Party, and himself - at the expense of everyone else.

“Sell Out Sununu does the bidding for his special interest donors at the expense of everyone else,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Spokesperson Holly Shulman. “Chris Sununu is for sale to the highest bidder, and it’s clear that he’s willing to sell out Granite Staters and their priorities to please his party, his special interests, his corporate donors, and the top 1 percent.”

In addition to paid family leave, Chris Sununu has vetoed New Hampshire’s budget – denying and delaying property tax relief, school funding, and mental health and substance use disorder treatment services – just so he could give out of state corporations a tax break. Chris Sununu vetoed common-sense gun safety legislation, demonstrating that he cares more about his campaign contributors like the NRA and gun manufacturers than he does about the lives of Granite Staters. And after taking a massive $22,000.00 raise for himself, Chris Sununu vetoed a minimum wage that would have helped many of the hardest working Granite Staters, once again selling out Granite Staters just to please his out of state corporate donors

Watch the new ad here:

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