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NEW: Digital Ads Target Corey Lewandowski for Selling White House Access to Highest Bidder

Concord, N.H. - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched digital ads on Facebook targeting corrupt Corey Lewandowski for his record cashing in by selling access to the highest bidder, including big oil, payday lenders, and even foreign interests. The 45-second spot features several news clips -- of many, many available -- scrutinizing how Lewandowski the lobbyist has sold access to the Trump Administration.

"Corey Lewandowski has spent every minute since the 2016 election scheming to cash in on Trump's presidency," said NHDP spokesperson Josh Marcus-Blank. "Corey works for his clients, including predatory lenders and foreign interests, not New Hampshire, and he will continue doing that even while he campaigns for Senate."

Just yesterday, Lewandowski said he is announcing his campaign for U.S. Senate soon, and recent reporting highlights how his lobbying could be a major liability for his campaign.

This is the second ad NHDP launched this week, before Labor Day and more than a year before the state’s primary on September 8, 2020.

Watch the new ad here.

A transcript of the ad is below.

TEXT: Who's the biggest swamp creature in D.C.?

TEXT: Meet shady lobbyist Corey Lewandowski.

ANCHOR: “I want to turn to a news story involving several former Trump campaign aids, foreign lobbying and one Corey Lewandowski…” [MSNBC, 8/8/18]

ANCHOR: “Since being fired from the first Trump campaign, Lewandowski has served as a lobbyist...” [MSNBC, 8/2/19]

REPORTER: “Corey promises that he in fact will use his access to Donald Trump to help out these clients.” [CBS, 5/2/17, 2:39]

REPORTER: “… in the minds of some people, this is the exact opposite of draining the swamp.” [Bloomberg, 1/21/19, 0:59]

REPORTER: “… the people you were shaking hands with at those Trump rallies wouldn’t have thought that Donald Trump’s campaign manager would go and sell his connections for money.” [The Guardian, 1/21/17, 5:45]

REPORTER: “… that raised a lot of eyebrows not just with us and ethics watchdogs, but even within the White House.” [CBS, 5/2/17, 1:31]

TEXT: Corey Lewandowski A Corrupt D.C. Lobbyist New Hampshire Can't Trust


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