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In Washington, Democrats Deliver Birthday Cake to Corey "Liar" Lewandowski

Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is wishing Corey Lewandowski a happy birthday by dropping off a birthday cake to Lewandowski's lobbying firm in Washington. The Corey Lewandowski quote emblazoned on the cake reads: "'I have no obligation to be honest' - #LiarLewandowski."

As Politico has reported, Corey Lewandowski's D.C. headquarters is a townhouse owned by Citizens United, where several lobbying firms are housed, including Turnberry Solutions, the lobbying firm where Lewandowski currently works. The individuals who accepted the cake at the townhouse said Lewandowski had "just walked out the door." You can watch the full cake delivery on Youtube HERE. For more information, check out "Lewandowski showed New Hampshire voters that he answers only to Trump and his special interest clients, not New Hampshire, and that everything he tells voters should be seen as a lie," said NHDP spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. "But, happy birthday!!"

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