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Donald Bolduc Alienates the Majority of New Hampshire

In Case You Missed It, in an attempt to boost his third quarter fundraising numbers, Republican Senate candidate Donald Bolduc sat for an interview with the National Review where he revealed his extremely troubling views on women, safety, and health care.

  • Donald Bolduc reinforced that he would place restrictions on a Granite State woman's access to a full range of health services.

  • Donald Bolduc clarified that he does not believe in common sense gun safety, such as red flag laws, no matter how many Americans are killed in mass shootings.

  • Donald Bolduc cheered the 2017 law that is providing the foundation for lawsuits to kick tens of thousands of Granite Staters off their health care, take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and end essential health benefits like substance use disorder treatment.

"Donald Bolduc is telling the people of New Hampshire that he will enthusiastically join the Trump administration's assault on women's health care, refuse to enact common sense gun safety laws, and gut Granite Staters' health care, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions," said NHDP spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank. "Bolduc makes it clear that he would be a voice for extreme right-wing interests in the Senate, and not New Hampshire."


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