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Union Leader Editorial Says Write-In Better than Lewandowski

In Case You Missed It, the Union Leader editorial board slammed Corey Lewandowski ahead of his likely announcement for Senate tomorrow. The editorial notes that Lewandowski is so toxic he may damage the entire New Hampshire Republican ticket and, if he gets the nomination, Republicans would be better off with a write-in than voting for him.

"Ouch," said NHDP spokesperson Josh Marcus-Blank.

Donald J. Trump is scheduled to appear — his words — in our “drug-infested den” of a state tomorrow evening. No doubt he will take credit for any and all improvements he is made aware of while he is here. We doubt he will identify with the one thing for which he can most likely be held responsible: the near-complete Democratic takeover of the New Hampshire Legislature, and several county offices, in the last state elections. New Hampshire Republicans may fare a bit better in 2020, no thanks to Trump. New Hampshire Democrats could find themselves in a role-reversal next year, weighed down by a national ticket so far out in leftist looney land that independent voters may hold their noses and vote for Trump as the lesser of two evils. Some lower races may then follow suit. Unless, of course, “Republican” candidates are of the Corey Lewandowski type. Aptly called a political “thug” by Judd Gregg, Lewandowski is no more a Republican than is his man, Trump. On any given day, he will be having whatever Trump is embracing at the time: record-high debt and deficits, an isolationist America, and a coarsening and debasement of political discourse and basic civility that should shame the once Grand Old Party. With that kind of candidate, voters may find nothing worth choosing between a radical left and a reprehensible Party of Trump. In that case, “send them back where they came from” may be the best write-in next year.


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