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New Hampshire Democratic Party Launches “Sununu For Sale” Campaign

Initiative Will Hold Chris Sununu Accountable for His Policies that Consistently Sell Out Granite Staters to Benefit His Party, His Corporate Donors, Special Interests, and Himself

Concord, N.H – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a new effort, “Sununu for Sale,” highlighting how Chris Sununu has consistently sold out Granite Staters by pushing policies that only benefit his corporate donors, his special interests, the Republican Party and himself. This campaign is launching days after Chris Sununu vetoed three pieces of common-sense gun safety legislation to please the NRA and gun manufacturers who have contributed thousands of dollars to his campaign, and vetoed a $12 minimum wage to please his corporate donors. “Chris Sununu is for sale to the highest bidder, and it’s clear that he’s willing to sell out Granite Staters and their priorities to please his party, his special interests, his corporate donors, and the top 1 percent,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Spokesperson Holly Shulman. “Sununu is for sale. It’s shameful, and it’s no way to govern.” These latest vetoes are not the first time Chris Sununu has sold out Granite Staters for special interests. Recently, Chris Sununu vetoed New Hampshire’s budget simply to give tax breaks to corporate special interests. In the process, he has held hostage $200 million in property tax relief, $138 million in investments in local schools, and much-needed funding for mental health and substance use disorder treatment. A spokesman for Chris Sununu made these backward priorities explicit when he told the Concord Monitor: “the governor is in favor of education funding, as long as the business tax rate of 7.7% doesn’t climb to 7.9%.” He’s also vetoed bipartisan net metering legislation after hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from utility and fossil fuel companies. He vetoed campaign finance reform, bipartisan redistricting legislation, and greater transparency in elections simply to enrich the Republican Party. And earlier this summer, Chris Sununu literally auctioned off a copy of his veto on paid family leave to raise money for the Republican Party. Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a statewide campaign to hold Sununu accountable for selling out Granite Staters. The campaign includes:

  • The launch of www.Sununu.ForSale - a website that hosts shareable facts about Sununu selling out Granite Staters for special interests, news reporting about Sununu prioritizing corporate donors over communities across the state, and a place where Granite Staters can share their own stories about how Sununu’s special interest agenda impacts them.

  • The placement of targeted digital ads across the state on Facebook and Twitter, showing how much communities across the state will lose in school funding as a result of Sununu selling out New Hampshire communities simply to get tax breaks for large out of state corporations. See a sample here.

  • The distribution of yard signs in front of the State House that highlight that Governor Sununu and his vetoes are for sale. See a sample here.

  • The unveiling of a large sign that will follow Chris Sununu to events that says, “Sununu’s policy positions are brought to you by these special interest sponsors,” bearing the logos of the NRA, Bank of America, and others. See the sign here.

“Chris Sununu vetoed New Hampshire’s budget – denying and delaying property tax relief, school funding, and mental health and substance use disorder treatment services – just so he could give out of state corporations a tax break. Chris Sununu vetoed common-sense gun safety legislation, demonstrating that he cares more about his campaign contributors like the NRA and gun manufacturers than he does about the lives of Granite Staters. And after taking a massive $22,000.00 raise for himself, Chris Sununu vetoed a minimum wage that would have helped many of the hardest working Granite Staters, once again selling out Granite Staters just to please his out of state corporate donors,” said Shulman. “Sell Out Sununu does the bidding for his special interest donors at the expense of everyone else.” The campaign will continue over the next few weeks with events across the state, press conferences, videos, and additional paid advertising.


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