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Joint Statement of NH Democratic Presidential Campaign State Directors in Advance of Trump's Visit

Concord, N.H. - Today, Democratic presidential campaigns' New Hampshire leadership (see below for the list of co-signers) released the following statement in advance of Donald Trump's first re-election campaign visit to the Granite State: “Donald Trump’s presidency has been defined by broken promises, hateful rhetoric, and choosing to side with lobbyists and the top 1% at the expense of everyone else. This week, when he comes to New Hampshire we expect more of the same. That’s why all of us are fighting to defeat Donald Trump and move this country forward. No matter who the Democratic nominee is, we are in this together. We believe that all Granite Staters should have access to affordable health care, that children shouldn’t fear for their lives when they go to school, and that the economy should work for everyone - not just those at the very top. No matter who the Democratic Party chooses as its nominee, we already know that that person will be focused on creating opportunities for all Granite Staters, and that's why I'll be voting for a Democrat for president."

Brandon Latham, NH Deputy Political Director, Michael Bennet for America Ian Moskowitz, NH State Director, Biden for President Erin Turmelle, NH State Director, Cory 2020 Rich Thuma, New Hampshire State Director, Bullock for President Victoria Williams & Amelia Matier, NH Deputy State Directors, Pete For America Manny Espitia, NH State Director, Julián for the Future Jon Green, Political Director, de Blasio 2020 Chris MacKenzie, NH State Director, Delaney for President 2020 Shani Pomerantz, NH Coordinator, Tulsi 2020 Shannon MacLeod, NH State Director, Gillibrand 2020 Craig Brown, NH State Director, Kamala Harris for the People Patrick Drupp, NH Deputy State Director, Inslee for America Scott Merrick, NH State Director, Amy for America Zac Elder, NH Deputy State Director, Seth Moulton for America Mike Ollen, NH State Director, Beto for America Peter Mellinger, Director of States, Tim Ryan for America Joe Caiazzo, NH State Director, Bernie 2020 Aaron Soriano, Eastern States Desk, Tom 2020 Liz Wester, State Director, Warren for President Paul Hodes, NH State Director, Marianne 2020 Khrystina Snell, NH State Director, Yang 2020

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