• Holly Shulman

NEWS: Chris Sununu Previews Fire Suit Ahead of Race Week

Today, Chris Sununu previewed his fire suit ahead of Race Week. Drumroll, please...

Chris Sununu is a fan favorite – if by fan you mean pharmaceutical companies, big banks, and fossil fuel corporations. Sununu has shown his sponsors he can get ‘er done by vetoing bipartisan policies, simply to help his special interest donors. Invest in renewable energy? His veto was sponsored by Eversource. Fund mental health and substance use disorder treatment, increase education funding, and provide property tax relief? That veto was brought to you by out of state corporations. "If there's one nice thing I can say about Sununu, it's his consistent and single-minded commitment to his corporate sponsors. They certainly get what they pay for," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Spokeswoman Holly Shulman.

(Oh, by the way Sununu is also “a Trump guy through and through.”)


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