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Sununu Takes Veto Auction Online

Lists Many Items that are of "Special Interest"

Concord, N.H. - Today, Chris Sununu, inspired by the attention his local veto auction received this week and spurred on by the record number of vetoes he plans to recklessly produce, took his auction online, launching an eBay auction site so that his special interest corporate donors could quickly and efficiently up their bids to sponsor Sununu's vetoes. "Listen, I have like 40 more vetoes in the next couple weeks. That's a lot of money," said Chris Sununu in Wolfeboro earlier this week. See Chris Sununu's vetoes for sale on eBay here. Already, the items – vetoes for commonsense background checks for gun buyers to New Hampshire's budget to net metering – have attracted significant attention from buyers like the NRA, out-of-state corporations, and non-renewable energy and utility corporations. The items currently listed include:

  • Veto of New Hampshire’s Budget

Item description: This budget invests in education, provides property tax relief, and funds mental health and substance use disorder services across the state - all without raising taxes on Granite Staters. But the only thing I care about is that my corporate special interest donors aren’t getting a tax break in the process. Bid status: $210,000 – bid from out of state corporate donors

  • Veto of Net Metering

Item description: When it comes to net metering, legislators from both sides of the aisle put New Hampshire families first by investing in the infrastructure necessary to transition to a renewable and clean energy economy and create local clean energy jobs. But New Hampshire’s main fossil fuel lobby is run by a close friend of mine, and I have a brother who works for them too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Bid status: $100,000 – bid from non-renewable energy and utility corporations

  • And much, much more!

Governor Sununu's eBay seller profile has already gained five star reviews for Donor Loyalty, Party Loyalty, Trump's Approval, and Corruptibility. And one recent anonymous corporate special interest buyer notes, “He didn't really answer any of my questions and threw a tantrum when I asked anything about the products. But as soon as I paid up, Sununu delivered and quickly – no matter the cost to New Hampshire. He definitely put my needs first." You can view Sununu's seller page here.


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