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New Hampshire Democrats Launch Ad to Hold Sununu Accountable on Anti-Choice Pick for NH Court

Concord, N.H. - On Tuesday, ahead of the Executive Council's consideration of Sununu's anti-choice pick for New Hampshire's highest court, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched an ad drawing attention to Sununu's unqualified, extremist nominee. You can watch the digital ad, which will run on Twitter and Facebook, here. The ad notes that we live in New Hampshire and not Alabama, which has come under recent scrutiny for its extremist abortion ban. The closing frame says "Tell Chris Sununu that his anti-choice choice for the court is wrong for New Hampshire." Recently, Sununu's nominee, Gordon MacDonald has faced questions for his history of involving himself with strident anti-choice policymaking that’s dangerous for women. "Last I heard, Governor Sununu was still the governor of New Hampshire — not Alabama," said Holly Shulman, spokesperson for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "With the whole country one court decision away from an abortion ban without any exceptions, I suspect that Sununu knows exactly what he's doing by appointing an anti-choice lawyer to New Hampshire's highest court. And what he's doing is extraordinarily dangerous for women. "That Sununu chose MacDonald as his pick raises serious questions about Sununu's own position on abortion," said Shulman.


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