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Sununu Vetoes Paid Family and Medical Leave

Concord, N.H. - Today, Governor Chris Sununu vetoed paid family and medical leave for New Hampshire. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement in response: "Sununu is ignoring thousands of New Hampshire families who have stood up and spoken out because they need a paid family and medical leave program that allows them to take time off to care for their loves ones without risking their jobs. This is politics at its worst, with Sununu lying to justify a policy he doesn't like after promising to create paid family and medical leave on the campaign trail. New Hampshire needs real paid leave - not Sununu's phony plan - and Granite Staters will respond to this shameful veto by voting him out in 2020." Paid family and medical leave is important to the people of New Hampshire. That explains why Governor Sununu lied on the campaign trail and said he would establish a paid leave program after catching flak for killing a previous effort to establish one in the state. Sununu's eventual proposal was half-baked, however, and its viability has been questioned widely. Despite this, Sununu vetoed paid family and medical leave today.


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