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Sununu Says He Will Not Help Granite Staters Struggling with High Property Taxes

In Case You Missed It, on Saturday Governor Chris Sununu said he would not take action to lower property taxes squeezing Granite Staters, especially seniors and families. As reported by the Concord Monitor, Sununu said: “Somebody came into my office recently and said ‘you know maybe we should really start considering, you know, doing more on the tax side at the state level to lower property taxes,’ ” the governor said. “That’s not just a bad idea, it is a failed policy time and time again across this country.” Watch Sununu endorse high property taxes here. In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

"Sununu champions corporate giveaways but won't even consider property tax relief for our families and senior citizens because he's working for the lobbyists paying into his campaign and inaugural slush fund, not New Hampshire. The fact is, it’s New Hampshire families and seniors who need help, and Sununu ought to be working for them, not the corporate lobbyists giving him money.”


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