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New Hampshire House Passes Bill to Establish Paid Family and Medical Leave

Concord, N.H. - Today the New Hampshire State House of Representatives passed legislation to establish paid family and medical leave in New Hampshire. SB1 will create a program that gives businesses the flexibility to choose a paid leave plan that works best for them and their employees through the private or public marketplace. Governor Sununu repeatedly promised to support Paid Family and Medical Leave during his campaigns for governor, but he opposed bipartisan legislation that passed the Republican-controlled State House three times in 2018, and controversially referred to the program as a "vacation," twice. Following his veto threat last session, Democrats complied with all of his stated requirements for a Paid Family and Medical Leave Plan in SB1. Despite these accommodations, Sununu still chose to oppose the measure. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "This legislation will provide Granite Staters with the paid family and medical leave plan they need, which Slippery Sununu campaigned on twice and then refused to support in office. Sununu talks about paid leave because he knows this is a priority for New Hampshire families, and if he has learned that this is more than a 'vacation,' he will work with the state legislature to establish this program in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, Sununu has thus far followed his well-worn pattern of saying one thing when he's trying to earn votes, and another once he's duped Granite Staters into supporting him."


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