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New Hampshire Democrats Elect Over 600 Officials on Town Meeting Day

Concord, N.H. - With results still coming in, New Hampshire Democrats have already won over 600 seats across the state during Tuesday's Town Meeting Day. Among the hundreds of incredible victories Tuesday were Eduardo Martony and Kannan Sasi, who both won positions on the Pelham Budget Committee with write-in campaigns following an impressive organization and outreach effort by the Pelham Democrats, and former Executive Council candidate Joe Pace who proved his dedication and commitment to his community with his election to the Kensington Select Board. These record-breaking victories continue the momentum that propelled New Hampshire Democrats' to keep our federal delegation blue and elect Democratic majorities to the Executive Council, State Senate, and State House in 2018, and most recently, to win each special election of 2019. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: "Congratulations to the hundreds of newly elected Democrats who are ready to get to work to make a positive impact on their communities across the state! These victories show that our significant investment in grassroots organizing, community outreach, and town and county committee-building are paying off. As over 600 newly elected Democrats take their positions in their local communities, voters know they will be well-served by hard-working leaders who are committed to fighting to give all Granite Staters the opportunity to succeed. "It's no surprise that while Governor Sununu, unlike other Republicans, chooses to stand with Trump and his national emergency that could take money away from the NH National Guard and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, voters are embracing the transparency and accountability that Democrats bring to the table. As we continue to put in the work to mobilize and engage Granite Staters across the state, I'm confident New Hampshire Democrats will be equally successful in November's municipal elections and through the 2020 general election."


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