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John Kelly Disagrees with Sununu's Support for Trump's Border Wall Emergency Declaration

In Case You Missed It, Former Chief of Staff to President Donald Trump John Kelly said that a border wall would be a "waste of money."

This is in direct contrast to Governor Chris Sununu, who said "I support the president taking action, that's for sure."

"Sununu's refusal to push back on the President's emergency declaration that could rip critical funding from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and New Hampshire National Guard shows he's as feckless and weak as we always suspected," said NHDP Chair Raymond Buckley. “If he won't join the chorus of Republicans speaking out, then it's clear his unflinching loyalty to Trump has no bounds."

Trump's "national emergency" would divert funds from military construction projects, in New Hampshire and across the country, to build a wall along the southern border which he had promised Mexico would pay for. New Hampshire has four military construction projects that could be impacted, totaling $161 million. Due to the sophistication of the projects and the shipyard's submarine maintenance duties, these projects must be planned years in advance by military and civilian leaders.


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