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State Senate Passes Bill to Ensure Sununu Cannot Continue to Profit from His Inaugural Committee

Concord, N.H. - In response to Governor Chris Sununu's blatantly self-dealing inaugural committee, which gave out over $165,000 in contributions from lobbyists to his friends, family, and advisors, the Democratic majority in the State Senate passed SB 105 to regulate gubernatorial inaugural funds. As the Union Leader reported, Governor Sununu's inaugural fund has paid the governor's sister $50,188 and the governor himself $39,360 over the past two years. "Governor Sununu clearly thinks he is above the law, soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars from lobbyists and corporate donors and then doling them out to his family and friends while pocketing almost forty thousand himself," said NHDP Chair Raymond Buckley. "The Senate's bill will make sure no Governor, even one as corrupt as Sununu, can use their elected position to enrich their family and friends." The Senate-passed bill requires backup receipts for any expenditures made from gubernatorial inaugural funds to the governor or their immediate family and limits contributions to inaugural committees to $10,000 per contributor to ensure these inaugural slush funds do not serve to enrich New Hampshire governors or their families.


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